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Emergency Flasher app for iPhone and iPad

4.3 ( 4713 ratings )
Utilities Lifestyle
Developer: Fast Wombat, LLC
0.99 USD
Current version: 1.0, last update: 1 year ago
First release : 28 Dec 2009
App size: 3.41 Mb

A flashing emergency light for the iPhone and iPod Touch. A realistic light, in a variety of colors, that blinks an attention grabbing pattern to make yourself visible in the dark, attract attention or warn others about an emergency or safety hazard.

Simply run it to display a flashing light - perfect for traffic accidents, car trouble, running or walking at night, and more. Perfect for joggers or walkers with a belt clip or arm band.

Super easy to use. Just run it!


* realistic lamp display with flashing
* variety of color options
* disables automatic screen dimming and locking

Latest reviews of Emergency Flasher app for iPhone and iPad

I know this app is subject to criticism because of its simplicity, but there are some times when just the fact of a light indicates trouble, and I find this useful for personal use to indicate neccessity of help, regardless of brightness.
Way lame! Attention is created by the use of contrast. You would be better off using one of the flashlight apps.
The light needs to be brighter.
This saved my butt!
Nobody could see me when I tried to flag someone down for help, so I downloaded this app since it flashes. It got me to safety.
Emergency lite
You got to be kidding ! .99cents for that. Boy do I feel like a prefect fool!
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